Private referrals

Ashburn Clinic offers comprehensive psychiatric and psychotherapeutic treatment, in a therapeutic community environment where clients can receive skilled treatment, both individually and in group settings.  We also offer expert pharmacological treatment where necessary.

Referrals for people who wish to pay for their own treatment is arranged through a health professional, often a GP, counsellor, psychotherapist, psychologist or psychiatrist.  Your doctor or health professional can get in touch with us via fax, email or telephone.   

Inpatient care

This involves residing in the inpatient unit where there is 24 hour nursing care.  Accommodation and meals are included in this service.

Alexander House

This option provides an independent living environment with meals included, and full access to the therapeutic community and programme.  Entry is usually as a transfer from the inpatient unit, but on some occasions a direct admission may be considered.  There is no 24 hour nursing care at Alexander House.  

Day patient care (as a step-down)

This may suit you if you reside in the Dunedin community and attend the therapeutic programme during the week.  Lunches are provided.


More information about our services and programmes can be found here.