Ministry of Health

Ashburn Clinic has a contract with the Ministry of Health.  The referral process is as follows:

  • The individual needs to be assessed by a mental health service within a District Health Board
  • If treatment at Ashburn is deemed appropriate by the individual's treatment team, they make a referral to one of five regional co-ordinators throughout the country (depending on the location of the DHB).  If the regional co-ordinator feels the referral is appropriate, the individual will be added to a waiting list
  • Individuals on the waitlist will then be admitted to Ashburn when a place becomes available.  

The exception to this process is the referral of impaired professionals (usually health professionals) who cannnot be appropriately treated in their local area due to confidentiality or privacy reasons.  These patients may be admitted immediately, following discussion with Ashburn and the MoH.  


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