Public Seminars

Ashburn Clinic presents a luncheon seminar programme from February to November each year. Members of the health profession and wider community are warmly invited to attend.

Ashburn Clinic’s next luncheon seminar is on Monday 8 May 2017

Topic: Alcohol Consumption during Pregnancy in NZ
Speaker: Sherly Parackal (Department of Preventive and Social Medicine)

Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD), a consequence of maternal drinking is currently a topical issue in New Zealand. Patterns of drinking and the timing of alcohol consumption during pregnancy have been established as key maternal factors influencing the manifestation of the effects of prenatal alcohol exposure. Overall one in two pregnancies in NZ maybe alcohol exposed however, women drinking in pregnancy are not necessarily a homogenous group. Understanding the heterogeneity of alcohol exposure is critical in correctly diagnosing exposed children with FASD. This presentation will focus on foetal affronts associated with timing and patterns of drinking and how women are drinking during pregnancy in New Zealand.

Sherly Parackal is a Research Fellow in the Department of Preventive and Social medicine, and has been involved in epidemiological research on alcohol consumption in pregnancy in NZ since 1999 (beginning as a PhD student). She was instrumental in obtainign funding for the first national study on alcohol consumption in pregnancy in 2005. The findings from this study contributed to the debate on warning labels on alcohol containers and in 2015 provided the impetus for the HPA's public health initiative "Don't Know Don't Drink" campaign. In 2015, she was awarded funding for the Periconceptional Alcohol Consumption (PAC) study to investigate the modifiable factors associated with periconceptional alcohol consumption. She has been called upon to comment on international studies on alcohol consumption in pregnancy by Science Media NZ.   

There is no charge for the luncheon or presentation. The Board of Trustees has undertaken to provide these events as part of its educative function as a charitable trust for many years. A grant has also been generously provided by the James Hume Bequest Fund to support the seminars from 2016-2019. 

Luncheon at 12 noon - 12.30 pm

Presentation 12.30 pm - 1.30 pm

For catering purposes please rsvp to Ashburn Luncheon Seminar by Wednesday 3rd of May.

The seminar is in the gymnasium/hall. Parking is in the top car park near Alexander House. Please do not park on the grass.