Healthy Lifestyle Programme

gwp2471 mosaicThe Healthy Lifestyle Programme is part of the main Therapeutic Programme, designed specifically for people who would benefit from learning life skills while adjusting to the therapeutic community environment and, for some individuals, preparing for more intensive therapy.  Led by occupational therapy and nursing staff, the programme includes communication skills, anxiety management, healthy eating and daily routines.

The group fundamentally utilise activities to promote communication, problem-solving and interactive skills necessary for healthy relationships and wellbeing. 


For more information on this programme, please open the attached brochure A Window on Ashburn

Our programme



When I first came to Ashburn there was a sense of safety because I was working with a whole group of people.  There is constancy in the patient group and also among the nurses.  We know who will be in groups with us each day.  When nurses are going to be away, they let us know and that makes me feel really respected and that I matter as a person.