Inpatient Care – Roy Muir

The Roy Muir unit is a residential care unit for inpatients with 24-hour nursing care and clinical support.  Each patient has their own bedroom and participates in the appropriate programme for their needs.  As well as medical support, therapeutic services are provided by nurses, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, occupational therapists and a dietitian.  Access to community facilities includes a full food service, IT facility, recreational pursuits and extensive grounds.  

Inpatient Care – Alexander House

Alexander House provides an independent living environment with full access to the therapeutic community and programme.  Each patient has their own bedroom and takes responsibility for the running of the house (more like a flatting situation).  Patients are supported by staff to increase their capability for self-management (inside and outside Ashburn) and plan for discharge.  Entry to Alexander House is usually as a transfer from the Roy Muir unit, but on some occasions a direct admission may be considered. 


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I felt the nursing staff were accepting and tolerant of who I was when I first came to Ashburn.  I felt less stigmatised than I used to, and I no longer feel like a label, diagnosis or problem, but a person with difficult feelings.  My label is not treated here, but me as a person is treated.