Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

gwp2305 seating2Experiencing or witnessing a horrifying or traumatic event of any sort can have a lasting impact on our lives.  Although it initially may seem as if we have managed the impact well, a delayed reaction can be triggered months or even years later by something which is a powerful reminder of the original traumatic event.

If you have been through a terrifying event you may continue to suffer intense distress long after the actual event is over.  Recurrent thoughts or images associated with the event may also invade your mind, so you find yourself continuously reliving the pain and distress.  Other situations or activities may come to trigger painful memories and you may try to avoid those situations or activities, restricting how you live your life.

The extreme pain associated with the event can cause you to shut down emotionally, so that you distance yourself from your loved ones and lose interest in activities you previously enjoyed.

Often following a disturbing event you will have difficulty sleeping and you may experience irritability or moodiness.  Your concentration may be affected, and you may find yourself less able to cope with everyday living.  You may then find yourself developing unhelpful behaviours such as using alcohol or drugs to try to cope, and these behaviours may then become problems, too.

How we can help

At Ashburn Clinic we can offer you the support you need to work with the traumatic event and its consequences, so that it no longer causes disruption of your ability to live your life.  Mostly this will be in individual and group psychotherapy, but we can also offer medication to help deal with symptoms such as sleeplessness or mood disturbance, if appropriate.


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