Personality disorders

GWP4010 WarmHouseWe all have characteristic patterns of relating to other people, and dealing with our emotions.  This is what is referred to as our personality, and it is very much shaped by our early life experiences.  However, sometimes these patterns of behaviour can cause major problems in our relationships, or interfere with our ability to function well at work or in social situations.

It can cause considerable distress if your intimate relationships keep failing, or you continually come into conflict with co-workers, or you repeatedly experience any other similarly negative event.  This can result in feelings of hurt, loneliness, anger and unhappiness, as well as problems with low self-esteem.  These in turn may further impact on your ability to function, and lead to serious emotional turmoil.

Often, it can be the people around us who are more likely to recognise the unhelpful nature of our behaviour patterns, as they are exposed to them again and again.

How we can help

At Ashburn Clinic we will help you come to an understanding of the various repeating behavioural patterns that interfere with you being able to develop and maintain healthy, satisfying relationships.  Once you can understand your behaviours, then through the help and support of others in the therapeutic community you will have the opportunity to choose to use different behavioural responses which facilitate closer and more meaningful relationships with others.


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