Life crisis

22 May 2014 006For most of us, most of the time, crises in our lives cause emotional pain and distress, but can be lived through with support from others, and learned from. 

However, sometimes we can be especially vulnerable, or we may not have sufficient support, or both, and then the crisis can overwhelm our usual coping ability.  If this happens, we can often experience disturbed sleep, changeable moods, difficulty eating, and difficulty thinking and focusing on our day to day tasks.

We can find ourselves using drugs or alcohol to try to cope, and these can become additional problems.  Sometimes we can have quite extreme responses, and find ourselves thinking, feeling and behaving in ways which feel out of character for us. 

Sometimes a life crisis can trigger an episode of major mental illness.  Sometimes what we need is simply some time and additional support in order to regain our usual coping ability.  And sometimes we may need treatment for an addiction or an episode of mental illness.  We may need to take time to think more deeply about how we have responded to a particular life crisis, and to explore what made us more vulnerable, so that the crisis can be learned from as well as mastered. 

How we can help

At Ashburn Clinic we will assess your situation with you and decide with you what kind of help you need.  We can offer support to regain your usual coping ability, we can offer treatment for addictions or illnesses, and we can offer the opportunity to explore more deeply the crisis and your response to it.


How to get a referral

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