Anxiety disorders

GWP3763 knittedtreeWe all feel anxious at some time in our lives, usually when we are faced with challenging or stressful events, and the emotional turmoil and fear, plus the associated physical sensations of increased pulse, sweating, flushing and over-breathing, can be very uncomfortable.

Perhaps you may be experiencing anxiety or stress to such an extent that it is disrupting your normal life and affecting your ability to live well.  This could be showing itself through irritability, insecurity, agitation, disturbed sleep, tiredness or weight loss.  You might have problems concentrating and in performing tasks which previously you could do easily.

You may experience severe panic episodes, which can be very distressing.  Or, you may suffer from phobic anxiety, where the fear surrounding a particular situation or object leads you to avoid any possibility of contact with the trigger, often causing you to place limitations on how you live your life.

If you demonstrate obsessive-compulsive behaviour you seek to keep anxious or unwanted thoughts away by creating repetitive rituals, often involving checking or cleaning.

How we can help

At Ashburn Clinic we will work with you to thoroughly assess your anxiety, and to find ways to regain your normal life.  We may use medication to help in the short or long term, and we will also help you explore your personal development and your relationships, and how they may be contributing to your anxiety disorder.  These psychological understandings may help you find new ways of relating to yourself and to others, which reduce your anxiety.


How to get a referral

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