1F0A5831 2In New Zealand, drinking alcohol is an acceptable norm.  For some people though, drinking alcohol, taking substances or gambling becomes  a major focus of their every day life, to the extent that it significantly disrupts their ability to work, study and be in the role of partner, mother/father, daughter/son.

Continued substance use can result in serious emotional and physical harm.

Whilst it may not be easy to acknowledge you have an addiction problem, this is the first step in your recovery.

Recovering from an addiction and maintaining this recovery may be one of the most difficult accomplishments in your life, but also one of the most rewarding.

How we can help

At Ashburn Clinic, we can help you build a strong foundation for, and commitment to recovery.  We have developed a specific, intensive, time-limited programme for those with addictions that builds on the already existing therapeutic interventions within this therapeutic community.


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