Gwen Wilson Wing Completion

A significant achievement for Ashburn Clinic in 2020 was the completion of the Gwen Wilson Wing. Beginning with the demolition of the old Conolly Wing in September 2019 (due to earthquake risk), the new Wing took 15 months to build and was successfully completed under budget, despite the impact of COVID-19 and lockdown. The building design reflects a more modern approach to treatment and represents the positive future direction of the Clinic.

The positive impact of the completion of the unit and the wider expansion of Ashburn Clinic’s facilities is already felt, starting from the special event that was the formal opening on 11 December 2020. Like many activities at Ashburn, the opening ceremony reflected the Therapeutic Community approach, and included staff and patients across the hospital. The support and encouragement expressed by the wider community who attended including the Honorable Andrew Little, Dr Ashley Bloomfield and Matapura Ellison, provided a morale boost to staff and patients alike. In practical terms, our inpatient capacity has increased, and we have more flexibility to utilise other buildings onsite for other programmes/services that could develop. We are happy to have been able to reinstate the visitor accommodation for whānau participation.

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