Advanced Theory of Psychotherapy

2017 Modules: Selected Theorists and Abnormal Psychology.

Ashburn Clinic offers a series of four modules (consisting of 10 weekly seminars) which, taken together, form an advanced course in the theory of psychotherapy. The information is presented as a series of stand- alone modules, each with a specific theme. Individual modules can be completed or the full series. 

The modular series has its origin in the Clinic's need to provide formal training in psychotherapeutic theory to its own staff, particularly its Psychotherapy Trainees. Senior staff at the Clinic select material which is professionally effective and current.

The formal theory course for Trainees has been open to participation by selected members of the public since the inception of the series in 1994, partly in response to growing community understanding of the effectiveness of psychotherapy as a treatment modality. While the course is NOT offered as a practising qualification, it forms a sound basis for those who wish to pursue practising qualifications.

Four separate modules are offered; combined, they form a comprehensive advanced course of theory. Those who achieve Certificates of Completion in four modules are able to apply for a further assessment to achieve a Certificate of Completion of the advanced course.

Seminars in a module are presented by experienced, practising therapists who may be psychotherapists, psychologists or psychiatrists. They represent a variety of theoretical schools and, while delivering a course with an eclectic and "neutral" content, are encouraged to expose participants to a variety of perspectives.

The current Ashburn-ATPMS-handbook-2015 and an ATPMS-application-form-2015 5for modules in the Advanced Theory of Psychotherapy Modular series is available for download from this site.