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Educational Seminar

Monday 12 November 2018

Topic: Using Structured Play to Enhance the Self-Regulatory Abilities of Pre-Schoolers
Presenters: Dr Dione Healey

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Advanced Theory of Psychotherapy Modular Series

2018 Modules:
181 Stages of Human Development, March-May
182 Models of Psychotherapeutic Practice, July-September

2018 182 Modular Series Summary

Psychotherapy Supervision Weekend

Saturday 27 - Sunday 28 October 2018 

Clinical Practice Workshop (5 sessions): Individual Psychodynamic Psychotherapy
: Kim Hopkirk

Public Seminar: Saturday 27 October 5.30-6.30pm

Topic: Aggression and its relationship to shame and contempt
: Kim Hopkirk

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Psychotherapy Traineeship

Presently unavailable

To book or enquire: Education Co-ordinator

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  • Educational seminars
  • Ashburn Clinic presents a free luncheon seminar each month between February and November, which has a particular focus for mental health professionals.

    The seminar runs between 12.30 pm and 1.30 pm (usually on the second Monday of the month), and there is an opportunity to catch up with professional colleagues over a light lunch from 12.00 pm in the Hall at Ashburn Clinic.

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    For catering purposes, please RSVP by the Wednesday prior.  Parking is in the top carpark – please do not park on the grass.

    There is no charge for the luncheon or presentation.  The Board of Trustees has undertaken to provide these events as part of its educative function as a charitable trust for many years.  A grant has also been generously provided by the James Hume Bequest Fund to support the seminars from 2016-2019. 

  • Clinical supervision seminars
  • Once or twice a year Ashburn organises and hosts clinical supervision seminars for psychotherapists working in the community.  Information will be posted in the above Up-and-coming Events section. 

  • Advanced Theory of Psychotherapy Modular Series
  • Ashburn Clinic offers a series of four psychotherapy seminar modules over two years, which form an advanced course in the theory of psychotherapy.  Each module has a specific theme and consists of 10 evening seminars.  A course essay is submitted to complete the module:

    1. Stages of Human Development

    2. Models of Psychotherapeutic Practice

    3. Selected Theorists

    4. Abnormal Psychology

    Established in 1994 to provide formal teaching in psychotherapeutic theory to Ashburn Clinic staff, it was opened up to members of the community and mental health services in response to a growing demand for psychotherapy teaching.  Seminars are presented by practising therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists, and include information from a variety of theoretical schools. 

    On application, participants may complete individual modules or the full programme.  While the course is not offered as a practising qualification, it forms a sound basis for those who wish to pursue such qualifications or add an additional knowledge base to their existing professional qualifications or practice.  Those who achieve certificates of completion in all four modules are able to apply for a further assessment to achieve a certificate of completion of the advanced course.  

    For further information; refer to the Ashburn ATPMS Handbook.

    To apply, download the ATPMS Application Form.

  • Psychotherapy traineeship
  • When available, Ashburn Clinic offers a place in a full-time three-year training position in psychotherapy to a selected applicant.  The selected trainee is an employee of Ashburn Clinic during their period of training.  Trainees who successfully complete the training programme are awarded a certificate of completion of the Psychotherapy Training Programme and a certificate of completion of the Advanced Theory of Psychotherapy Modular Series, which is a required component of the traineeship.  This position is not presently available.

  • Training placements
  • If you are seeking a placement for nursing or medical training, please contact the Ashburn Clinic Medical Director.