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Getting Oriented

The booklets below will give you an overview of how Ashburn works, and what to expect when you arrive.
And, if your admission is confirmed, the pre-arrival checklist can be useful to help you decide what to pack.

Clinic Careers

Click here to view our current vacancies.

If you’d like to hear about new vacancies as soon as they become available, please join our Careers mailing list.


Businesses providing services to Ashburn Clinic need to have prior approval before carrying out any work on-site. This involves submitting an application and relevant Health & Safety documentation, which is then assessed by Ashburn staff.

Due to the vulnerability of our staff and patients, any contractors working on-site must be fully vaccinated against Covid-19. Proof of vaccination will be requested upon arrival.

How to apply:

  1. Complete our Contractor Application Form and Health & Safety Acknowledgement to demonstrate appropriate health and safety practices. You can also upload any supporting documents through this form.
  2. Read the Contractor Information Booklet.
  3. Our staff will assess your application and we’ll be in touch to advise the outcome.

Once approved, any staff who come on site will be taken through an induction.

If you have questions in the meantime, please either get in touch with your Ashburn site contact (if you have one), or email

Make a Donation

Ashburn Clinic is a not-for-profit charity. We help people who, for myriad reasons, struggle to live well in the world. We welcome donations to help fund the valuable work we do at Ashburn Clinic.

There could be a special reason for making a donation – you may have had a personal experience with Ashburn, or you might know someone else who has benefited from our programme of care, such as a partner, family member, friend, neighbour or work colleague.

You can help to restore someone else’s quality of life.

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