Covid Protection Framework

The current Covid traffic light system level is ORANGE

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Ashburn Clinic & the Covid Protection Framework


The following restrictions and recommendations apply to all patients, along with contractors, suppliers, and visitors to the Clinic.

  • Inpatient services continue for those resident at Ashburn.
  • New admissions continue, although Covid-related testing is required upon arrival, and the patient will be processed in a separate wing then isolate in their room until a negative test result is received.
  • Visitors and contractors (anyone who signs in at Reception) are required to be fully vaccinated, and will be asked to show proof of vaccination at Reception to proceed further. Masks must be worn during the entire time on-site.
  • Suppliers (delivery people) who delivery goods during/after hours do not have to show evidence, but must be asymptomatic, masked, stay no more than 15 minutes and remain at a 2-metre distance from others. 
  • Existing outpatients will be seen on-site if vaccinated and masked, or remotely if not; new outpatients will be required to be fully vaccinated to access services. Masks will need to be worn during sessions.

Concerns About a Loved One?

If you are a concerned about a family member/whānau/friend who is an inpatient, the best way to contact them is directly. Most patients bring their own cell phone or laptop which they are able to use to contact support people and receive calls (outside group and meeting times). 

If your need for contact is urgent, please let the Reception staff know on (03) 476-2092. However due to privacy legislation, we cannot confirm a patient’s status, refer phone calls or release information without the patient’s prior permission.

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