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What's Happening at Ashburn

  • Mask-wearing is optional, and staff, patients, visitors and contractors are asked to do their own risk mitigation depending on their individual circumstances. 
  • New inpatients will be screened upon arrival, and if symptomatic or report a recent exposure to Covid, will be tested.
  • We continue to follow guidance from the Ministry of Health and encourage visitors who are unwell to delay coming to Ashburn until they are better. 

Concerns About a Loved One?

If you are a concerned about a family member/whānau/friend who is an inpatient, the best way to contact them is directly. Most patients bring their own cell phone or laptop which they are able to use to contact support people and receive calls (outside group and meeting times). 

If your need for contact is urgent, please let the Reception staff know on (03) 476-2092. However due to privacy legislation, we cannot confirm a patient’s status, refer phone calls or release information without the patient’s prior permission.

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