Ashburn Clinic continues to operate 24/7 and remains open to visitors and outpatients, with conditions - please click here to see our Level 1 restrictions. 

Concerned about a friend/family member?  Click here to find out how best to contact them.  


COVID-19 Information

Ashburn Clinic is an essential service and we will be doing all we can to continue providing care to our patients, during and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic.  Ashburn Clinic continues to provide inpatient, outpatient and community-based support, however these services are adjusted (according to the Alert Level) to protect the safety of our patients and staff.


  • All services available for referral and consultation.
  • 24-hour inpatient, residential care continues, but no new inpatient admissions.
  • No face-to-face patient therapy services (including community-based services). Remote services via Zoom where possible.
  • Visitors onsite and patient leave offsite are not permitted. Essential deliveries and services are only by prior arrangement, and where possible from a distance.
  • Staff not required to work onsite will work from home, to reduce the flow of people in and out of Ashburn Clinic. Vulnerable staff will not be required to work onsite. 
  • Staff experiencing cold or flu symptoms, or who have had contact with anyone symptomatic, or confirmed as having COVID-19, will isolate at home and be tested.
  • Inpatients experiencing cold or flu symptoms, or who have had contact with anyone symptomatic or confirmed as having COVID-19, will isolate in the Clinic and be tested.
  • Additional surface cleaning and hand sanitising is undertaken. Wearing of PPE by staff and patients as appropriate.
  • The inpatient units operate and are staffed separately (as separate ‘bubbles’).
  • Onsite staff and patient group activities (meetings, meals, recreation) are separated into smaller groups (or suspended). Physical distancing is maintained wherever possible. A reduced programme may be necessary, depending on staff availability.
  • Education events are suspended, or operate via Zoom (where practicable).



As per ALERT LEVEL 4, except:

  • Patients (on approval) may leave the Ashburn site for walks (< 30 minutes). 



As per ALERT LEVEL 3, except:

  • Staff resume working onsite and face-to-face in the community (regional clinics, community-based services).
  • Inpatient admissions and patient leave resume (approved on a case-by-case basis taking into account the person’s state of health, external location and associated contacts).
  • Visitors and standard deliveries are allowed; screening of visitors to Ashburn Clinic, recording of visitor details for contract tracing purposes.
  • Staff and patients maintain one metre distancing where possible, and record offsite locations for contact tracing purposes.
  • Education events may take place onsite subject to number restrictions, health screening and physical distancing measures.



  • No restrictions, although staff are expected to remain at home and seek medical advice if they experience any cold or flu symptoms.
  • PPE and sanitising products are accessible by staff and patients.



If you are a concerned about a family/whānau/friend (who is an inpatient), the best way to contact them is directly. Most patients bring their own cell phone or laptop which they are able to use to contact support people and receive calls (outside group and meeting times).

If your need for contact is urgent, please let the Reception staff know on (03) 476-2092. However due to privacy legislation, we cannot confirm a patient’s status, refer phone calls or release information without the patient’s prior permission.