Your initial assessment


When you first arrive at Ashburn Clinic you will undergo a period of thorough assessment.  This will involve interviews with your psychiatrist and a physical examination by one of the general practitioners attached to the Clinic.

Staff will refer you to specialists in medicine or other areas if needed.  Through other hospitals and services we also have access to the latest testing procedures such as CT and MRI scans, and neuropsychological testing if required.  

An individualised treatment plan will be discussed with you that will include both psychotherapy and medication if needed.

As part of the initial assessment we will have begun to understand some of the origins of your psychological difficulties.  You will usually be assigned an individual therapist with whom you will meet twice weekly.

Being part of the Ashburn Clinic therapeutic community adds a whole additional dimension to treatment.  You enter a full-time programme that is largely group-based and centered around the experiences of living together.  In this context you will have the opportunity to experiment with changes you may need to make in relationships, in methods of communication and behaviour.  With support and encouragement, not only from skilled nursing and medical staff, occupational therapists and your psychotherapist, but also from your fellow patients, you will come to recognise some of your habitual ways of relating that may be contributing to your difficulties.

This treatment may take some time.  The risks involved in this sort of treatment are that powerful emotional states may be accessed which can be very disturbing.  When people come to Ashburn Clinic there is a requirement that they speak about their experiences and learn to find new ways of communicating distress.  Active participation in the programme means that people not only have their distress attended to but also find ways of "being" which assist with preventing relapse of many disorders.