What to bring

Outside buildingKnowing what's already provided and what to bring can be difficult.  Below you’ll find some general information about Ashburn and its location in Dunedin, plus a list of items to include in your luggage.  


Ashburn is situated 10 minutes' drive from the city centre and is within walking distance of a bus stop.  Click here to view a map of our location.


Dunedin's weather is variable throughout the seasons so you will need to bring a range of clothing with you, including a jersey or two, a warm jacket or coat and cosy footwear.  Winter snows are not uncommon.


What's provided

As you'd expect, bedding and linen are provided, as is a full meal service.  We also provide laundry facilities, communal lounges and kitchen, a library, and outdoor relaxation areas.  You can also get cash out on-site through the EFTPOS facility at Reception (weekdays only).  


There is central heating throughout the Clinic.  Free-standing heaters and electric blankets are not used due to the risk of fire.

Internet facilities

Ashburn provides three dedicated computers with internet connection for residents' use.  Two have Skype facilities for those who have their own accounts. Wi-Fi is available, although consideration needs to be given to others’ use. 

Mobile coverage

There is patchy mobile coverage at Ashburn, due to our location.  It is recommended that you purchase a SIM card from 2degrees or Vodafone to use while you're here, as they offer more widespread coverage than the other providers. 

GymRecreational facilities

Alongside our main building is our recreation hall which is equipped for a variety of indoor games, including volleyball, badminton, netball and indoor bowls.  Next to this is an outdoor tennis court.  A patients' library room, an historic billiard room, TV lounges, and a visitors' lounge are also available.


Patients run a canteen where you can purchase snack foods and washing powder. 



Both the inpatient units and Alexander House have their own kitchens, bathrooms and occupational therapy rooms.  There is also a range of lounges as common meeting places for general use.  The Clinic is also home to two cats, some sheep and exceptional birdlife! 

During your time with us your bedroom will be your own personal space, so feel free to bring some of your own knick-knacks, such as photos or a personal coffee mug, to make you feel more comfortable.  There is a lockable drawer in your bedroom for keeping valuables.

Other items to bring:
  • Warm clothing for cold weather
  • Sports shoes and walking shoes
  • Toiletries and personal medication
  • Pyjamas
  • Personal towel
  • Snack foods and washing powder (these items can also be purchased from our patient-run canteen)
  • Drink bottles
  • Own bedding, if desired
  • Phone card to make toll calls (although these can be purchased at the canteen)
  • Laptop/tablet, personal music player, books, musical instrument (if you play one), arts and crafts supplies.


For more information, please read the Window on Ashburn brochure.


By including my family in the admission process, it relieved some anxiety for them.