Family and whānau

Treatment can include family/whānau

We recognise that contact with family/whānau, friends and other support people is an important part of a person's recovery, and for this reason Ashburn Clinic has a commitment to the implementation of an effective working relationship between family/whānau and staff.

The patient, in discussion with the clinical team, will determine the level of involvement of the family/whānau.  On admission, family/whānau members are usually contacted and invited to liaise with the Unit at any time.  Nursing staff initiate and document any contact with next of kin when a patient is to be transferred internally, externally or when the patient is absent without leave for any significant period of time.  Members of the Clinical Team will be available for meetings with family/whānau to share information about the progress of the patient and discuss timeframes of treatment, general topics and discharge plans (with the patient’s consent).  Contact is made with the family/whānau by staff if it is considered that a joint meeting involving the patient, family and Ashburn staff (usually the psychiatrist and nurse) would be beneficial for the patient's treatment (again, only with the patient's agreement).  

There is a family/whānau meeting room available for patients and families to meet in the hospital, and Ashburn also offers family/whānau accommodation for visits from out-of-town families.  Skype calls can also be arranged.   

For more  information please read our Family/Whānau and Friends Brochure.


Visiting and visitor accommodation

Our clinical staff will liaise with you and your family/friend to help facilitate visits.  Please be mindful that there may be times when the person you are visiting is occupied, or not able to receive visitors.  

We offer visitor accommodation on-site.  Prices per night as at February 2021 are:

  • Single room: $60
  • Double room: $90
  • Family (two adults and up to two children under 12): $110
  • Child under 12: $30. 

Please note that, in some circumstances, the costs associated with visitor accommodation and travel to and from Ashburn may be publicly funded.  This is determined on a case-by-case basis and is generally only a possibility when the patient's treatment is publicly funded.  

Want to make an enquiry about visitor accommodation?  Please contact us.