Arriving at Ashburn


Your first day in a new environment can be daunting no matter where you go.  While your first day at Ashburn may be tough, our aim is to get to know you and what you hope to achieve while here.  

Below we’ve outlined the basic admission process that applies to most new patients. 

The moment you walk in the door

You’ll generally arrive in the morning, and the first person you’ll meet will be our Receptionist, someone you may have had telephone or email contact with prior to arriving.  Our Receptionist will sit with you to take down some general contact details so they can make up a health record for you.

Meeting clinical staff

After that, you’ll be met by a nurse who’ll take you and your luggage to your own, private room.  We don’t routinely do bag searches, but we will ask if you have anything you want to hand in.  You will generally have brought your own medication with you to start with, and we’ll ask for this so we can manage administering it.  

There is usually an opportunity to grab a cuppa, and then the nurse will get started on the admission paperwork.  This can take a little while as they get to know you, your background, and your goals while here at Ashburn.  The goal is to understand why you're here so your care can be managed in the best possible way.  They’ll also seek dietary information from you, and let our kitchen staff know if you have any specific requirements.   

They’ll take a photo of you, and they’ll also give your nominated contact person or persons a call to let them know you’ve arrived safe and sound. 

You’ll be taken to the Treatment Room where your height and weight will be measured, along with other vitals such as blood pressure, pulse rate, respiration, O2 stats etc.  Your first day may also include a GP appointment on-site. 


You’ll be introduced to your “buddy” as soon as he or she is available, and that person will take you to the dining room for meals, give you a tour of the buildings and grounds, and can answer any questions you may have. 

Psychiatrist assessment

In amongst all of this you will also have an admission appointment with a Psychiatrist.  The purpose of this appointment is to get a full understanding of your illness, and to determine a diagnosis to enable a treatment plan to be decided upon.  New patients are also put under observation, and the frequency and length of these will be determined at this appointment. 

What else?

You may not attend any community meetings on your first day, but you will likely attend Patient Handover at 4.30 pm.  You would generally join a less-intense version of the Therapeutic Community programme the next day, as we ease you in to community life. 


This generally occurs in the downtime, which could be at any stage during the day, or in the evenings. 


Your initial assessment