Coming to Ashburn?

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If you have an admission date, you may be wondering about where you are going and what it will be like.  You may not know anything about Ashburn Clinic and could be feeling anxious about coming here.

We welcome you to Ashburn and know that it is a courageous decision to come here. We believe the programme can make a real difference to your quality of life if you commit to it.  But what to bring and what can you expect?  Here are some useful links to help you plan.

What to bring

Will it be hot or cold?  Will I get cellphone reception?  Is there a shop nearby?  We have the answers.

Arriving at Ashburn

What you can expect to happen when you arrive.  

Your initial assessment

An outline of how we'll get things started treatment-wise. 


Take a look at the Ashburn Clinic Therapeutic Community programme.  

Family and whānau

How family/whānau, friends and loved ones can be part of your journey to recovery.  



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