News & updates

Here at Ashburn we take a little time off from the programme every now and then because we do like to have fun, and it provides an opportunity for patients and staff to come together for various events.  We also like to get off the premises from time to time - as they say, a change is as good as a holiday!  So have a look below at some of the things we've been up to in the last couple of years.   

Summer Day 2018
After a cyclone thwarted our first attempt we managed to get a stunning day for a trip to Brighton. A great day of relaxation, sun, surf and food.  

Summer Day 2017 
We headed out to a sun-soaked reserve along Otago Peninsula for relaxation and games.  The weather was perfect and an enjoyable day was had by all. 


Winter Day 2016
An ice skating rink in the Maniototo was our destination.  The rink proved the biggest challenge, and a recent snowfall added to the classic winter theme. 

Summer Day 2016
Road trip to Karitane! 

Knitted Tree 2015
Some of our patients decided one of the grand trees on site at Ashburn needed to be dressed for Winter - and rightly so, it can get chilly up here!