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Nau mai, haere mai ki Ashburn. Whakatau mai ki waenganui i a mātou hei whai oranga mōu mō ngā rā kei te heke mai.
Set amongst tranquil grounds in Dunedin, New Zealand, Ashburn Clinic offers a supportive therapeutic community for those suffering from mental health or addiction difficulties. We focus on treating underlying issues to improve patient well-being and quality of life.
More About Ashburn
Community Therapy
Ashburn Clinic offers inpatient residential, outpatient and community-based services. Our residential programme utilises small psychotherapy groups (like art and music therapy), small discussion groups, and recreation. Individual therapy with a psychiatrist or psychotherapist is part of our care.
Our Community
We're Here to Help
We specialise in helping those with addiction challenges, anxiety, depression and mood disorders, eating disorders, sexual abuse, personality disorders, trauma or post-traumatic stress disorder. We're a caring and profressional team of psychiatrists, psychotherapists, nurses, occupational therapists and more.
Treatment Options
Long-Term Wellness
By combining talking therapy with appropriate medication, the treatment at Ashburn is gradual – but it produces results. Our unique blend of routine, therapy, and community input supports you on your journey. To achieve the best possible outcomes for patients, we encourage you to engage with our community.
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Cloaked in the forests of Halfway Bush, just beyond Dunedin, Ashburn Clinic is a not-for-profit rehabilitation facility offering a professional, supportive environment for the diagnosis, comprehensive treatment, and recovery from mental illness or addiction.

We work to assist people toward healthy lives and behaviour patterns, developing the tools needed to overcome difficult situations. Together, we aim to learn more about our personal challenges and struggles in order to improve the ability to effect personal change.

We’re nationally recognised for our specialised treatment programming that encourages people from all walks of life to join us on a path of recovery. Are you ready to take the first step?

To learn more about joining us, assisting a loved one, or referring a patient to Ashburn Clinic, please contact our team

“I have tried other treatment places but nothing has been as life changing and good as coming to Ashburn. Ashburn is about looking at who you are, working through the past, changing and being supported to move on. My work here has meant I won’t continue my cycle through the system.”

– A Former Resident

New Zealand's
Community Therapy

Established in 1882, Ashburn Clinic serves as a therapeutic community providing funded and private residential treatment for those suffering from mental health issues. We employ psychiatrists, psychotherapists, nurses, occupational therapists, mental health workers, general practitioners, a dietitian and support staff. 

Who Do We Help?

We assist people battling anxiety, depression, mood disorders, sexual abuse, trauma, eating disorders, addiction, personality disorders, OCD, or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
What We Treat

Our Community

Our therapeutic community is a unique treatment approach that fully immerses you into daily community activities. Join therapy and sharing experiences with staff and patients.
About Ashburn

Group & Individual Therapy

We provide group and individual therapy, including specialist groups, psychotherapy, and 1:1 support from nurses and psychiatrists. We work towards your long-term wellness.
Treatment Details

“It truly is hard work but it is not impossible. You just can’t give up! There will be numerous times where you’ll probably want to and you’ll feel like being here is the hardest thing on earth, but you know what? You’ve made it this far and you can make this work. You’re not alone. You’re not alone!”

– A Former Resident

Events & Education

Ashburn Clinic offers seminars and courses for health professionals. Please see upcoming events below or click here to view our full range of education offerings.

Luncheon Seminar

Monday, 13 May 2024
Breathing & Anxiety: a gateway into understanding
and improving our mental health

Presented by
Dr Olivia Harrison and Ms Faye Gorman

Learn More

Details to come.

This seminar will be recorded.


Advanced Theory of Psychotherapy

March-May 2024
Stages of Human Development

Seminars are held on Tuesday evenings from 7.00 pm-8.30 pm, and run for 10 weeks.

Learn More

The Advanced Theory of Psychotherapy is a series of four education modules which makes up a complete course over two years. Each module has 10 seminars, held on Tuesday evenings from 7.00 pm to 8.30 pm, at Ashburn Clinic. The course is not offered as a practising qualification, but is found to be valuable for mental health professionals and those considering psychotherapy as a career.  

Seminars are presented by experienced, practising therapists - psychotherapists, psychologists or psychiatrists.  

Programme 2024
Registration form
Read the ATPM Introductory Guide for Participants for further information. 

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