Mood Disorders

One in five of us will become depressed at some stage in our lives, as depression is one of the most common manifestations of mental distress. You may have relatively mild symptoms, where you are able to struggle on with your normal life and relationships although your quality of life suffers.

Or, with severe depression, your ability to function in any normal way is completely undermined.

The symptoms you may be experiencing due to depression include feelings of sadness, lack of energy, loss of enjoyment  in life, decreased interest in the normal functions of living such as food and sex, and difficulty in sleeping. You may find it hard to concentrate, or have difficulty in making decisions or performing your usual tasks at home and work.

Depression can distort your judgment and this, together with gloomy thinking can lead to suicidal thoughts.

Also, because anxiety, agitation and irritability are part of the picture when you suffer from depression, it can take a toll on close relationships.


The mental pain and inability to cope with life which can be an aspect of mood disorders may make it difficult even to take the first step to seek help, but by taking that step you begin a journey towards well-being and recovery of quality of life.

If you suffer from bipolar disorder you have periods of severe depression such as described above, but also periods of elevated mood where it may seem to other people you are ‘speeding-up’. You might think and talk quickly, jump from idea to idea, and have excessive energy which prevents you from sleeping.  Because during this ‘high period’ you may behave recklessly or go on spending sprees, there is potential for conflict with your family and friends.
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